Business in Spain

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As Spain is a member of the European Union, potential investors can benefit from European assistance programs that make business investment in Spain even more attractive. For example, for activities carried out in certain sectors of the country's economy, there are numerous financial subsidies, soft loans or combinations thereof, as well as tax benefits.

Therefore, if you do not yet consider real estate in Spain as an investment, but want to create a European business, then Spain is one of the countries with growing investment potential. Foreign investors are provided with wide advantages and opportunities, including a special Investor Visa in Spain, as well as incentives for business development in the relevant economic areas of the country.

For example, depending on the region, a certain list of economic sectors has been formed that are considered priority because of their growth potential and impact on the Spanish economy as a whole. Autonomous communities provide similar incentives in most of these industries.

In order to develop an investment climate for both local and foreign investors, Spain provides investment incentives in the form of government incentive programs. Investment incentives apply primarily to programs that are aimed at promoting innovation, technological improvement and research and development projects. In recent years, they have been one of the main priorities of the Spanish economy.

The Spanish government uses a wide range of incentives to attract investment and improve the country's investment climate:

  • Promotes the training and use of human resources in R&D and IT
  • Strengthens international leadership and the potential of science and technology research institutions
  • Promotes the creation and growth of technology enterprises
  • Expands cooperation between the public sector and the business sector in connection with research and development, promoting internationalization

Currently the national government implements the following investment incentive programs:

  • Job promotion talent
  • Advanced training in the field of scientific and technical research
  • Leadership of business in the field of research and development and IT, aimed at solving the problems of society
  • Institutional Strengthening
  • Development of scientific and technical infrastructure, including research and development in the field of business and IT

Incentive programs are also aimed at the development of new technologies focused on national needs, such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Demographic Change and Wealth
  • Education
  • Safety
  • Food quality
  • Productive and sustainable agricultural activities
  • Sustainability of Natural Resources
  • Marine research
  • Efficient and clean energy
  • Fabric production
  • Innovations on climate change and the efficient use of resources and raw materials
  • Social change
  • Digital economy
  • Public protection

Beneficiaries of public investment incentive programs in Spain may be:

  • Individuals
  • State Research Agencies
  • Public and private universities
  • Other community centers for research and development
  • Public and private medical institutions and institutions related to or providing assistance to the National Health System
  • Certified Health Research Institutes
  • Public and private non-profit organizations (foundations and associations) involved in research and development
  • Enterprises
  • State Technology Centers
  • State centers for technological and innovative support
  • Business groups or associations (joint ventures, economic interest groups, industry-specific business associations)
  • Innovative business groups and technology platforms
  • Organizations supporting the transfer of technology, as well as the dissemination and disclosure of scientific and technical information

What assistance does Spain provide to beneficiaries?

In implementing state investment programs, the Spanish government provides beneficiaries with subsidies, loans, venture capital instruments, tax guarantees and incentives. If you want to become an investor in Spain, then select the appropriate investment direction, initiate the process and apply for an Investor's Golden Visa.