What diplomas and degrees do Spanish universities offer?

What diplomas and degrees do Spanish universities offer?

Телефон Education Телефон Education in Spain

Following the example of other European countries, higher education in Spain has a system that includes 4 educational degrees:

  • Bachelor (bachelor's degree, three types)
  • Master (master's degree, three types)
  • Master Researcher, Master or Expert
  • Doctor (Doctor of Science degree)

Students receive education at the University for a minimum of 3 years and extend to 6 years if they wish to receive additional qualifications and degrees.

The Bachelor's degree (Spanish: Grado) includes three types of degrees:

  • Certified Specialist (Spanish: Diplomado) - a degree awarded in any area;
  • Technical Engineer (Spanish: Ingeniero Tecnico) - degree intended for technical specialties;
  • Technical Architect (Spanish: Arquitecto Tecnico) - degree in architecture, for the relevant faculties or universities

The master's degree in the Spanish degree system is also presented in the form of three types of qualification documents:

  • Licensee (Spanish: Licenciado)
  • Engineer (Spanish: Ingeniero Superior)
  • Architect (Spanish: Arquitecto)

The Master of Science degree is a qualification degree awarded by a university upon completion of the last level of study:

  • Expert (Spanish: Experto)
  • Master or Master (Spanish: Máster)
  • Doctorate or Doctor of Science degree (Spanish: Doctorado):

represents the highest level of University education, which is awarded by the Academic Council on the basis of the successful defense of a doctoral dissertation. In Russian universities, doctoral studies are presented in the form of postgraduate studies.

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