Miguel Cervantes European University in Spain

Miguel Cervantes European University in Spain

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The European University of Miguel Cervantes (Spanish: Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes) is located in the Spanish Valladolid, in the Spanish region of Castile and Leon. Currently, the University of Cervantes in Spain provides 120 specialized classes and 7 types of double degrees in various specialties.

The quality of education at the Spanish Instituto Cervantes is highly regarded at the European level and is based on student-centered learning, where the University develops individual programs for students.

Miguel Cervantes European University is a private university

It is a young, but dynamically developing Spanish university that supports an individual approach, as well as small groups and business practices. Students of the University of Cervantes in their research work also concentrate their efforts on the implementation of the scientific, socio - economic and ecological development of the environment.

University campus

The Cervantes Institute campus in the Spanish city of Valladolid was founded in 2002 and currently has about 1,500 students, 150 teachers and scientists, and 12 administrative services that support the campus. It also implements the programs of 7 classes of double diplomas, masters and numerous graduate students.

The University of Cervantes also implements various types of programs to expand the activities of the university: it holds scientific congresses, conferences and so on ... The Spanish Institute provides additional Spanish courses for foreigners.

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