Higher education in Spain

Higher education in Spain

Телефон Education Телефон Education in Spain

Study abroad has long been a fashionable destination in Russia and the CIS due to the globalization of the economy and the growing need for international graduates.

In turn, higher education in Spain has been gaining popularity in recent years among residents of European countries, the CIS, Russia and even America. This is due to the progressive growth of the quality of education in Spain, which already today meets the European and international standards. Diplomas of Spanish universities are recognized all over the world, they are excellently quoted anywhere in Europe and even in America.

Studying abroad

Studying abroad and, in fact, higher education in Spain (Spanish: La Enseñanza Universitaria) every year become more accessible and mobile, thanks to the possibilities of online learning and evening attendance of classes.

  • Thus, students can afford to work in the morning and afternoon.
  • International students do not need to reside in the country where the university is located.
  • Online education also makes this possible.
  • The leading university in this direction is the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educaçion a Distancia) University of Distance Education.
  • Some universities may only require personal attendance at exams.

Higher education in Spain: features

Universities teach in two languages, which are leaders in importance in the international business environment: in English and Spanish.

Bachelor's and Master's

According to European standards, higher education in Spain has a two-stage system, which includes Bachelor's and Master's degrees. Master's and MBA programs provide for one-year study. These programs are popular due to the fact that they are not extended over time and are intensive and flexible courses of study.

University schools are also popular here, offering a wide range of specializations in relevant areas, including: information technology, tourism and hospitality, sports management, architecture and design, art history and others.

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