Helping Spanish entrepreneurs with COVID-19 pandemic: request for subsidies

Helping Spanish entrepreneurs with COVID-19 pandemic: request for subsidies

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By Royal Decree 463/2020, the suspension of economic activity was announced in Spain. In this regard, the Spanish government offers a program of assistance in reimbursing part of the economic losses suffered by self-employed workers - Trabajador Autónomo.

Individual entrepreneurs in Spain found themselves in one of the most economically vulnerable situations, as they were forced to stop their activities during the quarantine period. Many small businesses are already on the brink of bankruptcy, so the current situation required an urgent response from the Spanish government.

And if hired employees went on paid leave, having issued an ERTE with their employer, then for autonomous workers, individual entrepreneurs, other types of financial assistance and ways of self-applying for it were developed. Financial assistance from the Spanish government is offered in the form of grants.

Entrepreneurs who find themselves in an economically vulnerable position due to the conditions of the Emergency in Spain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, can request state and regional subsidies

— - Fenix Today based on the Catalan government decree

Conditions for granting subsidies to entrepreneurs of Catalonia

  • Loss of income by at least 75%, compared to the previous month
  • Complete closure of business activities
  • Official registration in the register of private entrepreneurs RETA

Term and procedure for making a request

  • Until the last day of the next month, after the end of quarantine
  • If there is a debt for insurance payments, then you can request assistance only after the insurance debt has been closed.
  • The amount of subsidies is approximately 70% of the average monthly income of an individual entrepreneur.

Who exactly is this help addressed to?

  • Self-employed individuals registered as self-employed workers or individual entrepreneurs - Trabajador Autónomo
  • Registration must be under the Special Social Security System for Self-Employed Persons RETA, with a tax address and, where applicable, a work center in Catalonia

Help is not intended:

  • For self-employed company members
  • Private civil societies
  • Property communities
  • Cooperatives or labor societies
  • Members of company management bodies
  • Cooperating self-employed workers

— - Fenix Today based on the Catalan government decree

Authorities Responsible for Providing Financial Assistance

  • Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Family: Departament de Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies
  • General Secretariat for Labor, Social and Family Affairs: Secretaria General de Treball, Afers Socials i Famílies
  • Self-Employed Service: Servei de Treball Autònom

Conditions for Assistance to Self-Employed Workers Financially Affected by the Coronavirus Situation

  • Assistance is subject to suspension of Trabajador Autónomo's activities
  • Therefore, applications will be processed according to the usual procedure.
  • Application procedure - online only via the portal
  • Documentation you submit through another channel will not be or will not be considered for the purpose of applying for financial assistance on a specified basis
  • Application deadline: April 6 to May 5, 2020

The main reasons for refusal to receive a grant from the Spanish government

  • Self-employed worker's economic performance as of March 2020: if Trabajador Autónomo's income equals or exceeds € 950
  • The decrease in income as a result of activities in March 2020 in relation to March 2019 (or the equivalent period) does not equal or does not exceed 35% - that is, the income of the individual entrepreneur did not sharply decrease and remained at the same level
  • Duplicate application

In the search engine of the Gencat portal, you can find information on providing assistance to registered individual entrepreneurs financially affected by the coronavirus. The amount of assistance was approved on April 22, 2020. Use portal filters by search criteria:

  • Surname
  • Name
  • NIF
  • Information is added to the portal as it becomes available

— - Fenix Today based on the Catalan government decree

How and where to find the information

  • You can search for information on the Gencat portal in the grants section by the name and surname of the recipient
  • If you are searching by DNI, remember that you only need to enter the 4 center digits to protect your data.
  • You will find information on the portal about whether you received a grant or your application was rejected
  • In the latter case, information on the reason for the refusal is also provided.
  • If you disagree, you can appeal within one month
  • Check out the list of grants awarded on the government portal

Legislative regulation of the rules for the provision of subsidies

  • Resolution on the provision of assistance for self-employed workers, individuals, to compensate for economic losses as a result of COVID-19 - (Resolució d'atorgament d'ajuts de la convocatòria adreçada a les persones treballadores autònomes, persona física, per a la compensació de pèr comdues econòmiques a conseqüència de la COVID-19)
  • Resolution TSF / 806/2020 (RESOLUCIÓ TSF / 806/2020) of April 2, approving a call for assistance to self-employed individuals, individuals, to compensate for economic losses resulting from COVID-19 (BDNS ref 501916). (DOGC No. 8103, published 03/04/2020)
  • Royal Decree No. 465/2020 (Reial Decret 465/2020) of March 17, amending Royal Decree No. 463/2020 of March 14, declaring a state of alert regarding the health crisis caused by COVID-19. (BOE No. 73 published 03/18/2020)
  • Royal Decree (Reial Decret 476/2020) 476/2020 of March 27, extending the state of alert announced by Royal Decree 463/2020 of March 14, declaring a state of alert to manage the health crisis caused by COVID-19. (BOE No. 86 published 03/28/2020)
  • Law 7/2020 (DECRET LLEI 7/2020) of March 17 on urgent measures in the field of public procurement, health and waste management of plumbing, transparency, public transport, as well as in matters of taxation and economics. (DOGC No. 8089, published 03/19/2020)

n April 23, 2020, the first regulation on the provision of assistance to self-employed workers was published

— - Fenix Today based on the Catalan government decree

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