Antibodies from llamas help prevent COVID-19 virus

Antibodies from llamas help prevent COVID-19 virus

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Antibodies from llamas - Lama glama - may help fight several coronaviruses that infect humans.

A team led by Bert Schepenes and Xavier Selens of the VIB Institute for Biological Sciences in Ghent, Belgium, and Jason McLellan of the University of Texas at Austin, have isolated two llama antibodies that bind to the spike proteins that coronaviruses use to enter cells:

  • One antibody neutralized coronavirus responsible for Middle East respiratory syndrome MERS
  • Second infected with SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus

The fusion of the SARS antibody from the llama with the human antibody produced a hybrid that neutralized the virus responsible for COVID-19. Evidence suggests such antibodies may be useful in combating coronavirus epidemics.

— - Fenix ​based on: D. Wrapp, bioRxiv 2020 (, not peer-reviewed prior to publication

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